The original state of Decay was a commercial and critical success with plenty of gamers enjoying the immense and brutal survival experience of a zombie apocalypse compared to many other titles. State of Decay brought intelligent aspects of survival, community building and progressive enemies that adapted to your impact in the game world. It was a mighty fine game and nearly five years on from the original, we've got ourselves a first look at the highly anticipated sequel.

Revealed last year, Microsoft have been very quiet about this title until their press conference the other day. From what we can see, the world is still pretty much in turmoil as zombies numbers have expanded while humanity is on the brink of extinction. While there was some great footage, we are yet to see what new features the sequel brings. We're hoping for a massive expansion on the game world, the structure of community building and new zombies to fight.

In the meantime check out the trailer and stay tuned for more updates on Game-News