We gamer's can't get enough of zombies and it seems developers are set to deliver the goods in the next 12 months. Microsoft has provided footage of State of Decay 2 during their press conference and now Sony has stepped up the ante.

Days Gone looks to be a solid survival horror game mixing together elements of The Last of Us and Left 4 Dead to create a brutal and immersive experience. Set within a post-apocalyptic open world where a global pandemic has occurred, killing most of humanity, and transformed millions of others into zombie like creatures known as Freakers. Players control protagonist Deacon St. John, former bounty hunter who lives on the road travelling from various encampments and helping out the locals.

Set within an open world, players can use multiple ways to complete objectives whether they use stealth or partake in gunfights with scavengers or the Freakers. There's a dynamic weather system which affects gameplay along with a day/night cycle that allows Freakers to become weaker during the daytime yet stronger at night. There's also a host of other dynamic elements from crafting to exploration.

In the meantime checkout the E3 trailer and stay tuned for more news right here at Game-News.