Cherry Pop Games, developers of critically acclaimed Sports Bar VR today announced VRFC, the world’s first VR football game, for Playstation®VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift will be launched on Early Access next Tuesday 13th March.

Upcoming enhancements for the Early Access release include offline play, competitive leagues, Team Captains and Team leaderboards.

Gemma Jessop, CherryPop Games said, “We’ve been humbled by all the feedback we’ve had todate for VRFC, and we’re delighted to share our journey with fans on PC. VRFC is a team game, bringing competitive elements is essential, and natural addition to the game, but we’re not stopping there; those who want to hone their skills offline are in for a treat.”

Created in Unreal, and utilising Cherry Pop Games K4 physics system, so you can bend it like Beckham, VRFC allows you to kick, dribble, tackle, pass, cross, head and shoot in VR, with a first of its kind implementation of Agile locomotion™, never before seen in VR.

With up-to eight players online, VRFC is a competitive online and crossplay compatible VR title like no other, where all the action and movement shines in a 1st person viewpoint. With a smooth 90fps frame rate, VRFC offer more than just fun; it offers an energetic and engaging upper body workout that will keep you on your toes until the final whistle. As with the sport itself, VRFC is easy to play but harder to master, and with a range of training activities you can develop your skills to become a true legend of the game.

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