K5 Games and ARRI Media are set to release the most advanced mobile game yet.

In May 2018, fans will be able to get early access to ANON - The Game, a groundbreaking near-future noir thriller that uses the newest AR technology – available on iOS 11 and Android Nougat – to immerse the player in a novel VR experience all without the need for a headset.

ANON – The game is room-scale virtual reality stealth adventure based on a world created by director Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, In Time) for his upcoming film of the same name. Starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried, the movie will open in the US through Netflix on May 4 and in the UK via Sky Cinema May 11. Wanda will be distributing ANON in China.

ANON - The Game is produced by Oliver Simon, Oda Schaefer, producers and partners at K5 Media Group and André Rittner, Head of Creative Solutions ARRI Media, from a game concept by two-time Academy Award Nominee Jan Lachauer, games director of K5 GAMES, in cooperation with Clarens Grollmann from ARRI Media.

Niccol, Lachauer and Grollmann’s work heavily influenced writer Paul Milbers when he set the story of ANON - The Game. The action adventure combines cutting-edge VR storytelling and puzzle elements with first person stealth mechanics and a sophisticated skill system. Using the latest AR technology on their mobile device, players will be able to interact with the virtual environment with an unprecedented degree of immersion in mobile gaming.

The Story

As the player, you wake up in bed with a beautiful woman – a well-known ‘vlogger’ in the world of ANON – in an apartment you’ve never seen before. The blood splash on your pillow makes you jump out of bed in panic as you notice she has been shot dead right next to you. With police sirens already approaching you have to be quick to get out of the apartment unnoticed.

On your way the mysterious ‘Anon’ contacts and helps you to escape. She puts you in contact with an organisation that will throw you into an exciting techno-thriller in the world of the film.

Game Mechanics

By making use of the inside out tracking functionality of Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore technology the player will be able to position his point of view in the virtual environment with an accuracy that has only been possible on tethered VR HMDs so far. It will allow the player to look into the world of ANON as if he is using the camera of his mobile device. Searching under a bed, peeking around corners or examining what’s written on a piece of paper tossed in a bin will be possible by simply moving the device up close to the virtual object.

Intuitive touch gestures allow for the most immersive way to interact with the games environment. Picking locks, hacking computer terminals, picking up and throwing objects and many other ways of interaction will be necessary to master a variety of ingenious riddles and challenges. Over the course of the game, the player will collect items, letting him engage with the story and interact with the virtual environment in ever-changing ways.

He will be able to practice a variety of skills, enabling him to sneak his way through heavily guarded alleys and buildings, hack his way through firewalls and gateways to reach locations surrounded by almost insurmountable barriers.

Additionally the player will be able to sell in-game objects or share screenshots of the films iconic AR-billborads displaying real world brand logos to obtain in game currency or receive real world product vouchers.

ANON will be released in May for iPhone (SE or later) and Android.