We’re still with E3 here at Game-News and the announcements keep on rolling in. Bethesda have been show-stoppers before and this year was no different, it may have been their best show ever! Here’s a list of announcements and the biggest news to come from Bethesda’s E3 Press conference held yesterday.

1. Rage 2 Gameplay

Starting the show with a bang, Bethesda showed gameplay footage of the upcoming post-apocopic survival FPS (not Fallout). We saw Rage 2 in all it’s colourful glory with intense action, inventive mayhem and colourful visuals. This is a drastic step forward compared to the original game which took itself far too seriously and ended up being a little bland. However, Rage 2 is far from that. We got more scope on Rage 2’s world, gameplay and insane levels of mayhem. So far this looks amazing and we can’t wait to play it.

2. Doom Eternal

This was the best news of the show, hands down. Well that depends on opinion but we’re super excited to see the sequel to 2016’s smash hit Doom, with Doom: Eternal. From what we can see, it brings back the Doom Slayer as he battles the legions of Hell within an urban environment, possibly Earth? It was a short teaser and more will be revealed at Quake Con on August 10th.

3. Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Not long after the release of The New Colossus, it’s been revealed we’re getting another Wolfenstein game. This appears to be a sequel but could be a spin off as well. The story for this instalment appears to be set in the 1980’s and the leading roles have been given to BJ’s twin daughter. They’ve taken over from their father’s position of ultimate Nazi killing machines and we’re expecting to see the return of Wolfenstein and all its glorious insanity in 2019.

4. Fallout 76 – Fallout Online

More details on the upcoming Fallout 76 emerged with it being stated as an online experience set within the Fallout universe and taking place before all other games in the series. This will be one of the original vaults created and is set within West Virginia, with a map that’s expected to be 4 times the size of Fallout 4. Massive!

5. Starfield – new Bethesda IP

Bethesda also announced a new IP entitled Starfield, a sci-fi exploration game that features everything awesome and sci-fi related. We don’t know much else but it’s a sci-fi game from Bethesda so it’s bound to be good!

6. Elder Scrolls 6

The biggest news from this year’s conference and indeed it was one fans had been hoping for. It’s finally happened, after years of joking, speculation and wishful prays, gamers were finally given closure on one of our biggest requests. Bethesda conformed at their E3press event that Elder Scrolls 6 was in development.

We saw a short teaser trailer for the upcoming RPG game which had the classic theme and showed off some impressive landscapes. We know very little at this time, but people are spectualting this could be set within the Highrock or Hammerfell regions of Elder Scrolls. There is no release date as of yet, but it will be released after their next title Starfield.

But everything will become clear soon enough. Stay tuned for more updates and check out the teaser for the mean time.

Other news included Quake Champions going free for trail this week and Prey gets 2 new modes for free and a new story DLC entitled “Moon Crash”. That’s all folks but stay tuned for more news from E3 right here at Game-News.