Bethesda had another cracking show for us and fans were treated to extended gameplay foot of their upcoming survival FPS (not Fallout). Rage 2 is the sequel to the 2011 game which was in development for over 6 years. While Rage had some interesting concepts, it failed to wow the masses. However, Rage 2 is set to break all the rules and adds in some great dynamics and a punk-inspired visual style.

This survival series is being amped up to 11 and looks to be a solid contender for the Borderlands series. As we can see from the trailer, the gameplay has been heavily tweaked to represent something more akin to Doom’s fast paced, visceral style of action. The visuals are much brighter, movement is faster, allowing players to traverse the environments more dynamically and the combat is much, much more brutal. There’s even elements of humour with a moment featuring a televised advert for a signing wall mounted decoration that’s actually a mutant’s head. Wow these guys have taken something!

Stay tuned for more news on Rage 2 and check out the trailer in the mean time!