Award-winning games studio, Playniac, is excited to announce that the robot rebellion has officially begun! The unique card battler, Insane Robots, launches today on PlayStation®4 with the Standard Edition (£14.99 / €19.99) available for purchase on the for PlayStation Store now, the Deluxe Edition (£26.99 / €32.99 with a 20% PS+ discount at launch) available from 13th July in Europe, and both available for pre-order now on the Microsoft Store. The robot rebellion will proceed as planned, also launching for Windows and Mac (via Steam) on July 12, and Xbox One on July 13. For players truly committed to the cause, the Insane Robots -- Deluxe Edition includes the base game plus a season pass including six robot pack DLCs upon release.

Initially created as a tabletop prototype with a pile of old business cards, the creators of Insane Robots at Playniac have pulled from both physical and digital design processes, creating a card battling game that captures what players love most about the genre, while removing the elements they hate: namely expensive card expansions, time-consuming customisation, farming, and an ever-rising bar that excludes players who don’t purchase more cards. This laser focus freed Playniac to create the perfectly designed battle deck. With only 22 tokens, it is easy to learn and manage, yet full of unexpected turns and strategic depth.

Not to be confused with a collectible card game (CCG), Insane Robots is card battling… HACKED!

Insane Robots finds players leading a robot rebellion through randomly generated survival arenas. Full of fiendish card battles, it’s FTL meets Battle Royale in a card game. Overthrow the malevolent robot despot, The Kernel. Save robotkind in an epic 15+ hour single-player campaign full of peril and twists, as a decaying robot dystopia is revealed.

Master the battle deck and develop strategies in super-accessible multiplayer local and online, as well as single-player robotic skirmishes. Deploy HACKS and GLITCHES in the heat of battle and use your wits to terminate the competition. Battle with over 46 deliciously diverse robots in five hostile environments. Augment devious droids to grow more powerful and trade cutting, robotic insults with opponents along the way.

Key Features Include:

This is card battling HACKED with no costly expansions and time-consuming customisation
Compete in intense local and online ranked 2P multiplayer battles
Experience the epic 15+ hour single-player campaign, overthrow the megalomaniacal Kernel and save robotkind
Unlock 46 robots and find over 100 augments to boost their abilities
Explore your tactical options to survive randomly generated survival arenas
Master the 22-token battle deck and define your own style of play
A compelling narrative with over 150 branching story events
Explore five types of hazardous environment from lush jungles to barren Moonscapes
Developed by Playniac, Insane Robots is rated PEGI 7.

Stay up to date with the latest Insane Robots news and information by visiting the official website. Take lead in the robot rebellion and contribute to the shared knowledge of fellow fans on the official Insane Robots wiki on Gamepedia. You can also follow the developers at Playniac on Facebook and Twitter. Please also join the Playniac server on Discord.