It’s so nice to go bad!

There’re billion evils in the Evil Dungeon, but there’s only one star shinning in the darkness! Billion Lords is a tower defense game with lots of strategic elements. Last dynasty, the Lord of evil was stabbed in the back by the God of light. Since then, there has been a chaos in Evil Dungeon... Users will play as the evil lords, build their own army and take the action to become the overlord of Evil Dungeon! But you need to be careful….cause there’s billion lords who are eager to knock you off!

My Happiness Comes From Your Pain!
To become the overlord of Evil Dungeon, you’ll need enough gold to rebuild your own dungeon and army. So why don’t you take gold from other lords? You can speed up the reconstruction through attacking other players’ dungeons, taking their resources, and also showing them who’s the boss! Besides, don’t forget to kick off the Braves and absorb their spirits when they’re trying to invade your dungeon. Then the day become the lord is just around the corner!

It’s Never Too Much to Have Minions
In order to stand up for evil, breeding minions is indispensably. There’s variety of minions at your disposal, such as Furricane, Sharpie, Flamemander, and etc. But the most important thing is the General, the leader of minions with strong “magic power”, will help players kill off the enemies!

Welcome To My Dungeon, Where It Is Also Your Grave.
To fight for the Evil throne, you not only have to create an exclusive maze, but also place the cannon, Smoke Trap, Thunder Needle and Strange Flower to arm your dungeon. On the top of that, don’t forget to use third- person perspective to oversee the Generals, and make sure they’re not slacking off behind your back!

Billion Lords is Open Beta Testing in Google Play now.
You can also Pre-order Billion Lords in App store.
Welcome to join the game and give us any feedbacks.