Death's Gambit is a 2D Pixel art action adventure set within a decaying and horrifying fantasy world. Become the agent of Death and rid this world of immortals.Death's Gambit is a challenging Action RPG set on a medieval world shrouded in mystery, tortured by the immortal souls who call it home.

Fight ancient foes with each boss represents a unique challenge that will require you to think outside of the box. Scale their colossal sword, or maintain balance on a precarious platform, all while finding the right time to strike!

Customize your arsenal with weapons that have their own set of abilities. Equip and arrange your equipment to find powerful synergies and combinations to create a build all of your own.

Explore an expansive world through the tundra wastes of the Obsidian Vale, across the Sanguine city of Aldwynn, find yourself lost in the wonders of a kingdom set to ruin.

The challenge never ends! Rematch bosses in heroic mode, a true test of skill, and earn rewards befitting the challenge. Complete the game to unlock New Game + and keep the masochistic struggle going...forever.

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