It’s finally here! Insomniac Game’s take on Spider-Man is nearing and it looks freaking awesome! It’s been a while since we had something from Insomniac Games and even longer since we had a great Spider-Man game. I loved Sunset Overdrive and to see the same guys doing a Spider-Man is getting me hyped!

If you’ve not been convinced as of yet then here are five reasons on why you should be hyped for the return of Spidey!

1. Epic Web Swinging action

From early videos we’ve seen Spider-Man in all his web-swinging glory, with some wonderful results. Over the course of the year, Insomniac Games has been working tirelessly to improve the web-slinging mechanics even further.
Spidey is able to swing great distances and elements such as the momentum only make this experience feel even more amazing. It’s a compelling mechanic that enhances the traversal aspect but helps to build layers into the various set pieces.
Plus, it looks totally awesome when he’s swinging around New York City.

2. Living, breathing New York
What makes the previously mentioned web-swinging mechanic even better is the world itself. While older games did a decent job at making the web-swinging somewhat entertaining, they never got the surrounding right. Mainly due to hardware limitations, older Spider-Man games were never that immersive. However, what Insomniac Games has done is create a thriving world that’s highly detailed, organic and believable.

New York City has never looked this amazing in gaming before and to swing and travel the Big Apple with this level of detail is truly fantastic!

3. Fight crime
Within any big city, you expect there to be some dastardly criminals who prey on the good folk. Spider-Man much like any caped crusader (even though he has the advantage of not wearing a cape) wants to do well for his home city. He’s able to locate criminal activity such as drug exchanges, mugging and other criminal events and step in and kick some butt!
Spider-Man is able to scout the area and pick a number of tactical advantages in order to defeat his enemies. Much in same vein as the predator gameplay in the Batman: Arkham series, Spider-Man has a much greater variation of manoeuvres and skills to use. Areas are much bigger, encounters vary in much more detail and Spidey is able to traverse and capture enemies in many more ways than the Bat himself.

4. Roaster of awesome villains
Now Spider-Man has always had some of the best villains in Marvel and the design executions from Insomniac Games look insane! These were the guys who designs some pretty damn cool monsters in Sunset Overdrive and their work on some of the most popular villains in comic books are brilliant. They capture the modern edge of the latest films but also the heart of what made them memorable in the comics and cartoon series.

5. Great writers behind Spidey
I love Spidey over Deadpool! Spider-Man is just hilarious in the comics and doesn’t rely on gross humour to prove that. He’s cocky, arrogant and full of himself. But he’s also tender, emotional and very driven to help those in need. He’s the perfect super hero and the writers have done an amazing job at giving him, the villains and the story depth, meaning and a gripping edge to keep you invested.
Bonus Reason for Hype!

You can use the photo mode to create front page newspapers featuring Spider-Man in action! Why has no other Spider-Man game done this! It’s genius!

There we go. Not long now till Insomniac Game’s brings us Marvel’s Spider-Man exclusively for Playstation 4. The game release on September 7th.