Hello you lucky people, we've got some great news for you.

NIS America will be releasing an update for their Remaster of Killer 7 on Steam. Players will have the option to turn on English subtitles for Killer7. This is a feature that was not previously available with the original console release of Killer7, and is being implemented into the game exclusively for the Steam version. The update patch will be live on Monday 14 January at 18:00 AM GMT / 19:00 CET, and will be available through the Steam launcher. English subtitles can be enabled through the Configure menu, which can be accessed when booting the game from your Steam library and in-game by pressing F11.

This is great news and was a point in our review which is now being fixed. We couldn't recommend Killer7 enough as it's brilliant surreal mash up of murder, multiple personalities and everything weird and wonderful about Suda 51. Check it out now and be thrilled that subtitles are on the way.