Playrion presents its new game Airlines Manager - Tycoon 2019, world leader in airline simulation games, and announces a continued partnership with the International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Airlines Manager continues to sensitize the next generation to the challenges of an industry whose activity will double in the next 20 years.

Paris, April 23, 2019 - Playrion, a French studio that specialises in management games, announces the entire revamp of its Airlines Manager series, the world leader in airline simulation games. The new Airlines Manager - Tycoon 2019 is now available for download on Apple and Android devices.

Teaser tycoon game Airlines-Manager (iPhone, iPad and Android) : manage your own airline
Manager your own airline in Airlines Manager-Tycoon 2019 (iPhone, iPad and Android)

Airlines Manager - Tycoon 2019, the ultimate airline simulation
Airlines Manager - Tycoon 2019 is the result of twelve years of experience since the release of the first opus in 2007, but also incorporates two years spent by Paris-based Playrion teams, to completely redevelop the game. Obviously, the new opus does not change the rules of international air traffic, but for the rest, it is an entire revamp of the game and its interface.

"Since 2017, we have grown from 1 to more than 3 million Airlines Manager players worldwide. Airlines Manager - Tycoon 2019 therefore meets the requirements of an increasingly large and varied audiences." said Benjamin Cohen, CEO and founder of Playrion. "Nevertheless, Airlines Manager always makes sure to remain very close to reality. For example, we recently removed the Boeing 737 MAX from sale to keep up with the current events, and added the all-new Airbus A321neo LR. It is our priority to stay current to the aeronautics sector with whom we work closely for the development of our game."

In parallel, Playrion has developed the Airlines Painter free application, available on PC, App Store and Google Play Store, the first application to allow aircraft livery customisation for an even more immersive experience. Avgeeks* now have the power to create airlines in their own image!

Airlines Manager, the game of a whole industry
Playrion is also announcing an extended partnership with the International Air Transport Association (IATA). A specific version has been created in partnership with the association to develop Airlines Manager : Business Edition, a new version that is intended to be integrated into training programs. A first session was successfully held on April 4 in Geneva during the "Airline Business Foundation" course taught by an IATA Training instructor. Thanks to the game, students wishing to train for these aeronautical professions can learn the keys to managing an airline in a realistic and fun way.

But the partnership goes further and also involves Airlines Manager - Tycoon, now recognised as the gateway of reference between the general public and a fast-growing industry. With air traffic expected to double in the next twenty years, part of IATA's mission is to help the industry attract and develop a skilled workforce to support this growth. That is why Airlines Manager - Tycoon has developed, in partnership with IATA, the game feature called "Training process: IATA". Using this feature, players can manage the career development of their staff. In addition to training the virtual staff in the game, this feature also invites players to explore training opportunities for themselves, by accessing the various training programs available on the IATA website.

"The growth in air traffic demand is a huge challenge for governments and the industry, both in terms of infrastructure and employment preparedness. Airlines Manager is a fun yet educational way to help users learn new aspects about this exciting industry, possibly even inspiring some of the several million players who are passionate about aviation to make a career move!" adds Mathieu Khoury, IATA Learning and Development Specialist.

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About Playrion
Founded in 2007 by Benjamin Cohen, Playrion is a French studio and publisher that specialises in management games. With more than one million downloads on the franchise, Airlines Manager offers players a cross-platform experience on PCs (browsers) and Smartphones (iOS, Android). Playrion's requirement is both the accuracy of simulation ensured by powerful proprietary algorithms, and immediate gaming pleasure accessible to beginners thanks to its interface and game mode adapted to mobile gamers' uses. After Airlines Manager and Airlines Manager 2, Airlines Manager - Tycoon is the latest generation in the series. For more information on PLAYRION and its games,

About the International Air Transport Association (IATA)
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the professional association of the worldwide airlines, representing 290 airlines, that is 82% of total air traffic. It supports several aviation activity areas and helps to formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues.
In addition, it trains over 10,000 aviation professionals each year through a global network of IATA training centres, regional training partners and private in-house sessions.

For more information on the association and its actions, please visit

*avgeek = peopleexpressing particular interest in aeronautics