Shooting game by Auer Media is open for pre-registration on Android and IOS. More than 200K players have pre-registered. More information about in-game characters is coming out. The single-hand shooting game is set to release this September.

Fight a way out & challenge the Lords.
Dungeon Break, uses virtual joystick controlled by single hand. Players have to keep moving for devils only shoot while progressing. Face the lord of the dungeon after conquering all the stages with ever-changing arenas & traps while fighting enemies.
Stages with custom-made traps and enemies.

Lord of Lava - Flamemander
Flamemander watches over Lava Land. As a greater fire salamander, Flamemander masters the power of fire. It is powerful yet with more flaws.

Lord of Froze - Poli Froggy
Poli Froggy might look adorable with its round body. Don't be fooled by the appearance, it is one of the most fatal in-game lords. Players can be slow down, and sometimes even freeze by its AOE attack.

200K Pre-Registration! The series goes on.
In gratitude of the active of players, Auer will add more popular characters from previous work in . PC version is also in progress and will release on Steam in September with more dungeon elements.

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