Let’s skip the dramatics; we all know what we’re looking for out of this game. Or at least, if you gorged on the originals as a kid, you do. Can this game really give us the Crash Bandicoot we’ve long waited for?

The gameplay of Crash Bandicoot’s classic entries has always been simple, but it is timeless. Thankfully, they have adopted the best approach of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and avoided altering or anything. However, they have added to the game in some simple ways. Firstly, Time Trials, which were introduced in the third game, are now in all three entries, providing just a little more challenge for you to overcome. And as a neat little extra, Coco Bandicoot is now playable in all three games, rather than just specific stages in the third that were designed for her. She has a similar moveset to Crash, but it has her own flair, as well as her own animations to boot. She doesn’t feel like a lazy, tacked on extra; she fits right in for those who want to play as Crash’s sister.

Considering that this is a compilation of three games all at once, it’s already got a lot of content to spare. Just fewer than ninety levels (not counting bosses) to smash through and the variety to be found within is nothing to shake your head at. You could be running through the jungle one moment, ice skating the next, or even flying through space. These games packed in the variety in not just level design, but gameplay design too, as Crash will be using all manner of tricks, including riding other animals, to get those crystals. But it’s not just as simple as a single run-through of each level; most have hidden extras to find. Whether it’s smashing every box, or taking those hidden paths, both veteran and newcomer alike will find this game challenging you to look around and think outside the box in order to get everything, particularly on the second game.

But one thing that received a hell of a facelift is the graphics. Well, let’s face it, when you jump from the PS1 to the PS4, you’re going to see some heavy improvements, but Vicarious have gone above and beyond in making the game look fantastic. While I could say that the originals had slightly more colour to them, the N Sane Trilogy is hardly lacking in this, or any other looks department. The whole game looks and feels like special attention was paid to every nook and cranny of the game, and it pays off. It’s beautiful to look at.

Overall, the N Sane Trilogy hits all the notes it needed to hit to be a good remaster then went ahead and scored a slam dunk in the process. And what makes this deal even sweeter is the price; it’s only £35. It’s a steal, and you would be foolish to miss out on one of the best trilogies of the PS1 era.

+++ Timeless gameplay
+++ Three games worth of content
++Excellent graphics quality
+ Relics and Coco are neat additions