It’s been a long time coming. We’ve all been patiently waiting for the free DLC for RE7 since Spring, but due to delays it was pushed back till earlier this December. But now we can finally play the concluding chapter to the fantastic Resident Evil 7. Not a Hero is a story focused expansion featuring our beloved boulder punching hunk, Chris Redfield. Our mission, to capture Lucas Baker after the events of Resident Evil 7 and stop his evil plans of spreading the moulded virus.

Now I’m not sure why you’re reading the review as this is a free DLC. Go download it, it’s free! But I’ll keep this short and sweet just so you know if it’s worth your time downloading and playing.

Chris is stuck within the mines underneath the Baker mansion and ventures through new areas in order to capture Lucas Baker. There are new enemies, plenty of deadly traps and so much punching, it’s just awesome. Not a Hero sticks to the same foundations of the core game, focusing on a neat mixture of survival and action that relies heavily on horror and tension. The mines have been set up like a maze of death featuring puzzles, death traps and “Saw” like set pieces that require Chris Redfield to save fellow soldiers trapped in Lucas’ sick games.

Not a Hero is on a smaller scale compared to the core game but there’s plenty of depth and various gameplay elements to make it a gripping experience. Pacing is pretty excellent here as Chris will have to battle various moulder, solve a number of puzzles and save fallen Umbrella troops from deadly traps. The game world is broken up into several areas that each has their own hazards, enemy types and certain tools that allow Chris to explore other areas further. Chris will come into contact with areas filled with poisonous gas that require higher grade filters for his gas mask. Along with other areas that are bathed in darkness and require night vision to see where you’re going and not step on anything explosive.

Another new addition to Not a Hero is the white moulded enemies which require a new type of ammo to take out. These can be rather troublesome and pose a new form of challenge altogether. Breaking up what would be a rather easy journey. This DLC is more focused on action in some respects, as Chris can now punch staggered enemies, taking them out easily. It’s all about timing and getting a good shot on a moulded before finishing off with a good old Redfield punch. But the new white moulded offer a gentle spike in challenge and avoid the game being a total cake walk.

I will also mention that while there’s a great deal of content here for free DLC, this expansion is short. I finished my first run in less than 2 hours. But there’s plenty of reason to revisit with new unlockable content including weapons and difficulties.
Not a Hero is a fantastic expansion and one with very few short comings compared to the excellent execution. There are new enemies, new gameplay elements and great level design to make this enthralling from start to finish. Download now!

++ Great level design and pacing
+ Tension and gripping conclusion
+ It's free
- A little too easy
- A little too short (because it's so good, there should be more!)