Well it’s finally here; the last DLC episode for Wolfenstein 2’s The Freedom Chronicles. Now we’ve had a bumpy ride along the way haven’t we? The core game was very good but definitely raised some concerns regarding difficulty and pacing. Then came the adventures of Gunslinger Joe which was decent but didn’t do much to warrant its price tag at that point. Then Agent silent Death came along which was disappointing and again failed to deliver on the same level of the core game. The final episode featuring the last adventure of a former war hero is out now and I have to say, you might want to take a seat for what I’m about to say.

Just to give you an idea of how this DLC episode turns out, the main perk is now the battle stilts. Yeah, those were super exciting weren’t they?

The Deeds of Captain Wilkins centres on a former war hero who’s been in hiding for the last 20 years while America is overthrown by the Nazis. He receives a letter stating the Nazis are building a super weapon and he is needed to help stop them. Wilkins decides to venture back to America and put an end to this new terrifying weapon.

Out of all three heroes from The Freedom Chronciles, Wilkins lacks any form of character development and ends up being slightly tedious by the end. He seems to think the way to impress a young woman is to talk about killing Nazis nonstop. I think if I had this guy on a first date, I’d be crawling through the bathroom window and making a quick getaway. He’s so one dimensional that his back story is literally two lines of dialogue, even to state he just left America and decided to go into hiding while his friends died. Kind of a douche isn’t he?

Yet the supporting cast are more likable and often cut him off as he talks about Nazi killing. It’s not great comedy but something to break up the bland one-liners and discussions on killing Nazis.

Now everything in this episode follows closely to the main game with a great empathises on the stealth/action gameplay compared to Agent Silent Death. But yet again the game decides to follow the same patterns where you have to kill commanders in designated areas repeatedly, who often enough see you and call in an overwhelming number of backup. Stealth is now a major chore as areas are littered with dozens of enemies and being spotted is a certain means of death. Enemy damage is ridiculous and you often don’t get enough ammo to support defencing yourself from a hoard of super accurate, super powerful enemies.

This chapter lacks any real substance but does what it can to entertain you with its highly refined shooting mechanics and a couple of explosive set pieces. Yet the world feels heavily rehashed with no new areas to explore and by placing a vast amount of over powered enemies in one area can be a total buzz kill. My advice is to play on an easier difficulty and you can actually enjoy some of the crazy, run and gun moments.

Also, the battle stilts are completely lame compared to the Ram shackles and Chest compressor.
Overall, this is a flat, uninspired end to a rather disappointing season pass that does not hold up well to the core game which I recommend overall.

+ Same shooting mechanics
+ Some decent story/comedy elements
-- Short in length with no new gameplay features
- Gruelling difficulty spikes