Could you imagine if robots became deadly in the future? Like building armies and overthrowing the Earth in a hypocritical bid to understand us better by destroying us? Never would happen! Haha … oh wait.

MotherGunShip (awesome name!) is a rogue like FPS that centres on a new recruit doing their part to help the resistance fight off a menacing race of super blood thirsty killer robots! In order to complete the various tasks set by the comical heads of the resistance, the player board numerous enemy ships on the map and do all manner of destruction. This is done by the game’s most dynamic gameplay element where you craft various and ludicrous designs of weaponry.

Players can create any insane combinations of guns that leaves a lot of freedom to build and only the only limit is the player’s own imagination. Gun creation is broken up with connectors and barrels, basically connectors allow you to connect barrels or other connectors to attach (you guessed it) more guns. Barrels must face forward and they can’t overlap each other. Simple, that’s it. Everything else is pretty much up to you.

You could start off with a mini-gun but be allowed to slap a rocket launcher, railgun and super, mega rocket launcher onto it, until half of the screen is taken up by something simply beautiful. It’s worth it when you decimate everything in your path. I will say though not all weapons feel as though they’re truly useful or do any degree of damage. Some weapon specs do need tweaking compared the immense amount of enemy fire you’ll come across.

The system is easy to use and great fun once you get the better components to build whatever the hell you want! I will say that for the first couple of hours it’s pretty standard what barrels you get and how much you could expand the total amount of guns by. But after the first for hours, you can begin to build some seriously insane stuff and fire off multiple combinations that’ll have Doom guy’s eye pop out of his skull!

You also get “caps” which are basically weapon upgrades, making your guns even more powerful and insanely devastating. Yet if you think this will be a cake walk then you are wrong. The developers have balanced this out with the energy meter and building a stupidly overpowered gun will drain this quickly and leave you open for attacks. So it’s an interesting way to build responsibly or build some insane creation but have a higher risk of being left out in the open for attack.

I will say that the big problem here is that you’ll never find that moment where you can completely over the top and craft something super devastating or find reason to do so if you have to wait for the recharge constantly. I’m also disappointed that levels are pretty short too. While I understand this choice as there are no checkpoints in the levels, I found myself in quite a few instances where I build something amazing and never having the chance to use it.

I will say that during my time, the shop didn’t pop up near enough and this ties in with the previous issue. You may find yourself fighting through several rooms with no means to upgrade and at the last room before the end, find a shop or two always. It was so annoying but at least you can buy barrels and connectors and take them home once the mission is finished.
Small complaint - the health pickups you can buy hardly do any good.

Objectives are to be completed in randomly generated levels, built-up of various arenas harbouring a large number or enemies and a variation of terrains to make combat energetic and refreshing in each instance. You’ll encounter large open areas which offer plenty of mobility which reminded me of Doom 2016’s style to level design, along with more confined areas that intensity with high enemy counts but a perfect place to do massive damage. There are multiple paths you can take to proceed to your objective and along the way you can enter different types of rooms that could see you take a gamble on what’s insider, whether it’s a high risk enemies or better loot, or challenge rooms which offer more gear in exchange for completing a difficult task.

The variation of enemies is immense with a great level of detail being put into refining their own behaviours and tactics. I will say at times some arenas go overkill with wall mounted enemies that can’t be killed or ones which fire super-sized rockets that look like something from Mario. Movement is fast and while the game can get a little overwhelming at times, it’s pretty balanced in offer your health and a decent amount of cover if you need a breather.

In terms of combat and enemies, the bosses are a major high light, with inventive designs and epic designs in their arenas that make each fight mostly unique and very engaging. The campaign is sustainable, with plenty of hours to sink your time into. Along with an endless mode which is insanely fun and allows you to progress through an increasingly difficult campaign while building your awesome super weapons of choice.

While everything sounds pretty good I do have some complaints. Such as the limitations on what you can bring into a mission, often very little at all which is no fun. The lack of consistency with getting coins and health from enemies and generally how some rooms are absolutely unbalanced as they offer an overwhelming number of enemies but very little or no health pickups at all. I did mention there is cover in all rooms but it’s not really fun waiting behind cover until you get a chance to shoot, to only die in the process.

Aside from these small issues I did encounter some drops in frame rate when a large number of enemies where on screen. This is not so much a problem on a PS4 Pro but for a standard machine, this can appear from time to time.

MotherGunShip is a great experience overall despite some balancing issues here and there. If the developers deploy some minor tweaks here and there, along with the future update which will introduce co-op, then this will be a smashing game! This is an extremely fun, completely insane and engrossing FPS experience with some neat crafting mechanics. Pick it up now!

++ Awesome gun crafting
++ Fast paced and enthralling action
+ Plenty of content (plus future free updates)
-- Balancing issues
- Some limitations with gun crafting

A PS4 review copy of MOTHERGUNSHIP was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.