Now we live in an era where three things are very true. Twitter is evil, Loot boxes are a plague on gaming and we absolutely love cats! They’re just “Paw-some!” haha, believe me there are plenty of cat puns in this near purrrrrfect sequel! I’ll stop now. This is the sweet sequel to the indie smash hit Cat Quest, a lovable RPG that swaps complexity for an engaging journey filled with terrific felines, puns and epic fantasy elements! While the first game was so good, does the sequel live up to it and come out as even better? Well my pun about the purrrfect sequel may ruin the answer but I have a few things to discuss about this fantastic little feline fantasy epic!

Cat Quest now introduces co-op! A remarkable step for RPG games really as so few do it. We do have a couple of titles that implement co-op but often with lacklustre results. Players can take on the roles of a frisky feline and a loyal dog. Wait, a dog!? Yep they went there. So among the cast of cats is a canine champion and who a few tricks up their sleeves. Obviously this canine ties in with story and his inclusion means there is an increased range in tactics and gameplay mechanics coming forward. While the new elements for co-op are simple, they’re engaging and effective, without ruining the core of Cat Quest.

Cat Quest II changes very little with the original formula but the addition of co-op means you and a buddy can enjoy the epic world of the Cat Kingdom. Yes the Cat Kingdom returns and it’s bigger than before, along with a whole new area that’s pretty much the doggy’s home land.

The objective here is to defeat the evil Liono who’s returned in what can be described as a medieval iron-lion suit! Cool. So it’s a race against time to take down Liono and have our two heroes be crowned kings of the Cat and Dog Kingdoms. Simple, nothing fancy but the pacing is good, the selection of missions can be very inventive and the world itself is grand in scale, offering plenty to explore, huge number of bosses to fight and treasures to discover. In other words, it’s hugely immersive, with a grand world to explore and plenty of engaging objectives/challenges to face.

Combat is again simple yet there’s a wider range of armours, weapons and abilities to obtain. Each player can kit out their hero and over the journey make them a furious feline or courageous canine with some spectacular upgrades.

Now while Cat Quest II is very good, pretty much going a little above the original, I do one have big problem. It’s more or less the same. I was sad to see that (while the dog kingdom is a nice addition – that really differs slightly from the other region) there are little improvements to the world’s design. The scale is grand and the number of dungeons and side quests to play is impressive, I would’ve been more satisfied with entirely different environments. Take two games, Diablo 3 and Zelda: A Link to the Past. Diablo 3 brings about a vast number of environments, complex in design yet very interesting to explore. There’s secret areas, bigger enemies as you progress and dungeons differ from region to region is such immense ways. Zelda introduced a neat mechanic to shift the world from the light world to the dark world. This changes the whole world, altering the landscape and adding new layers and depth to both world and gameplay.

Cat Quest II has a lot of the same enemies, characters and types of dungeons in the last game. Near identical is design. There are new additions of course but not enough to make this feel like a true sequel. If this was classed as an expansion pack then sure this is definitely worth the money. It still is mind you. But for a sequel I would like to see more and the GentleBros have a lot to do for Cat Quest III to avoid having gamers feel like they’re just doing the bare minimum to their sequels.

Cat Quest II is great in any regard mind you. It’s simple, yet highly engaging, fun and absolutely adorable. I loved going back to the cat kingdom and bringing a friend along was amazing. There new stuff is great but much more was needed. For Cat Quest III I would like the developers to go a little bit further and take inspiration from the two titles I mentioned. Still though, this is fun for cat and dog lovers, young and older gamers and anyone who loves RPGs.

++ Impressive visuals and world design
+ Easy to get into and highly immersive
+ Cute and plenty of feline fun!
- More or less the same as before (aside from co-op which is a major addition)

A Steam review copy of Cat Quest 2 was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review